Fundraising/Charity Car Wash $0 to THOU$ANDS in just 30 days!

It’s easy and profitable when you sell something that everyone wants and needs…​

Everybody loves a clean car, and everyone loves Bubbles!

Raise thousands of dollars and keep 40% of everything you sell, with NO CASH OUTLAY.

No more gift-wrap, candy or coupon books

Partner with Bubbles Hand Car wash, a respected car wash in the greater Hartford Area for over 4 years.

Think GREEN! Parking lot car washes are BAD for the environment….many communities have banned them altogether. Holding a parking lot charity car wash puts your group and organization at risk…and it’s not good for the environment!

We haven’t met an organization yet that doesn’t need to raise money… Raise money for your school, athletic team, community project, religious organization or local club! Here’s a way for your organization to raise thousands of dollars in a quick and efficient way!

For more information and a brochure that explains how you can go from $0 to THOUSANDS in just 30 days.  Email us at or call our fundraiser coordinator at 860.849.3040. We look forward to working with you to make your next event Bubblicious!

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