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Introduction:- Love your car? If you love your car but its getting unattractive day by day? Hang on!. You need to care it like your buddy , according to my personal experience I am sharing you some important points to how to care your car , and I am sure if you will follow these steps your car will never get old and will be attractive always as new.

What to do? :- Firstly consider your car as your pet , Its depend on you that how you care your car, The condition of car shows how the owner of car will be . So it is very important to care your car so you don’t feel embarrassed when you take it out in public. If you feel shy to take your in the famous places that’s your mistake because you didn’t care it well. Some importants tips are described below:-

  1. Don’t Wash Your Car Regularly:- Many people takes caring your car as washing your car, The problem begins from here. Many people thinks washing car regularly will give you the best results but unfortunately they are wrong!. If you are washing your car regularly then immediately stop this, it is very bad for your car. Try to clean your car without water because water will harm your car’s body. And if you are washing your car regularly then it is like smoking cigarettes , Which is harmful but attacks slowly,

  2. Make it dry:- Try to dry the remaining water from tiny areas of your car because the water gets stuck there and starts damaging the body , this is a big reason you should not wash your car regularly, wash it only when it really needs wash and try to dry all the remaining water from tiny holes and places.

  3. Wax it regularly:- Waxing or Polishing your car regularly will give your car the good benefits. Waxing protects your car from manythings and it will also not let the water on surface of your care , and it will save your car’s paint from direct sunlight and it will save your cars from mini scratches and it also makes your car very attractive, so whenever you are free wax your car, get a wax kit if you don’t have now , and waxing inside your car will also give your interiors a royal look and it also smells very nice So, whenever a new person will sit inside your car it will feel very comfort in a shining and hygiene car.

  4. Protect from the sunlight:- Protect your car from the direct sunlight , Sunlight is the enemy of your car’s body , And don’t even think to park your car outside where the direct harmful rays can damage the paint of your car , Instead of this use a tree shadow or prefer a underground parking, It will protect your car from sunlight and also not let your car overheated which is also very harmful for your car’s interior systems like music player and display.

  5. Air Freshener:- Always use a car air freshener because if your car is smelling bad from inside all your struggle to maintain your car is worthless, Everyone likes good smell and it also leaves a long lasting impression so always give the priority to use a good air freshener always,

  6. Eating Inside the Car:- Never eat food inside your car because it will make your car smelling bad and it can also give your car some stains which will make your work more.

  7. Tires:- Check air pressure of your car’s tires regularly and always take a extra tire in back so you can use it in case of emergency.

  8. Tires:- Check air pressure of your car’s tires regularly and always take a extra tire in back so you can use it in case of emergency.

  9. Servicing:- Service your car regularly and always prefer to take service from the official company of the car not from any other service centers

10. Engine Oil:- Always use original engine oil and which is best according to your car’s engine , try to purchase it from the service center you can also include it whenever you are going for a car service.

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  • Bubbles Hand Car Wash

Sometime we cannot afford professional car cleaning due to money or time , But no need to worry today I will tell you about how you can clean your car at your home like a professional car cleaning spa at very cheap costs and with daily use products.

How To Clean Interiors:-

● With Regular Toothpaste- want to get rid from mild stains from vinyl and from leather stains, you can use your regular toothpaste as a stain remover generally use it with an old brush . First check it on a small place.

● Vinegar- Want to get rid from fabric stains? Well, vinegar will help you to remove your fabric stains , use vinegar and water at equal amount and pour it on a spray bottle and apply on the affected area and leave for 10 minutes so that stain can soak it then gently blot it out with a wet cotton cloth.

● Magics of Baking Soda- In car cleaning at home Baking Soda is your best weapon ,It can do many miracles, there are some amazing ways to use baking soda that will blow your mind.

1- Car Floor- Sprinkle some baking soda on your seat and car floor or mats and leave for overnight or some hours, then clean it with vacuum cleaner.

2-Dashboard- Make a paste of baking soda and toothpaste of equal amounts and gently scrub with a toothbrush and wipe out with a towel.

3- Seat belt- Use paste of baking soda for cleaning your seat belt scrub it with a normal toothbrush and rinse.

4- Vinyl Seats- Use paste of baking soda and water to clean your vinyl seats gently scrub with a foam and wipe with a towel.

How to Clean Exteriors:-

● Use of Hair Conditioner- You can use your ordinary hair conditioner instead of using the hard detergents and liquids and by using conditioner it will automatically wax your car. Use microfiber cloth and polish in rotational direction if you want maximum shine.

● Glass Cleaner- You can use glass cleaners like Colin,pantyhose for cleaning your windshield and window pane and then wash with hair conditioner to get the best out of cleaning.

● Ammonia- You can ammonia for cleaning your car vipers and glass but be careful because ammonia is toxic and should be keep away from the reach of children.

● Baking Soda - Baking Soda will also help you on exteriors it is best here are some tips for baking soda and exteriors

1- Batteries- Make a paste of baking soda and water and use it for cleaning your batteries terminal of car and then wipe it out with a dry cloth. Do not forget to turn off the car.

2- Headlights- Use paste of water and baking soda and scrub on headlight with a soft bristle toothbrush and then wash and rinse with water, and then apply hair conditioner for polishing the headlights.

3- Mirrors and Windshield-sprinkle some baking soda on the mirrors and windshield and then scrub with a wet cotton cloth , rinse with water.

4- Wheels and Rims- Make a paste of baking soda and toothpaste and a little bit water and scrub the rims and wheels with the toothbrush and wash thoroughly repeat if necessary and then wash it water and then use hair conditioner for waxing.

Final Notice:- These car cleaning tips will help you a lot , I am a professional car cleaner, and also owner of a professional car cleaning company- https://www.bubbleshcw.com/

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When the winter hits, it brings worry to drivers around the country. Driving in the snow is often treacherous, and the salt used to melt ice on the roads is extremely hard on the exterior of your vehicle. Keep your car protected this winter with a few easy steps.

1.Keep it Clean

Washing your car is always important since dirt and grime from the roads can build up during any season. But during the winter, this preventive step becomes even more important to prevent damage and rust. In many states across the U.S., transportation departments have started using salt brine instead of traditional road salt to melt ice and snow. This is even harder on your car because it spreads across the exterior faster and more aggressively than typical rock salt.

Washing your car at least once a week during the winter helps keep the salt from building up and eating away at your paint. Be sure to spend a little extra for the undercarriage wash, since this is an area of the car where you often see the most salt.

2.Wax it Often

A coat of wax on the exterior of your car is one of the best ways to protect the paint. As you drive during the winter months, your tires and the tires of other vehicles kick up water, sleet, and slush, which often contain the salt used to melt the snow. But if you’ve recently applied a wax coating, your paint job has a layer of protection that keeps that salt and grime away.

Wax does dissolve over time, and the harsh conditions of winter driving tend to make that happen even faster, so it’s also smart to continue to apply wax throughout the season. Take special care to wax the headlights, since this can keep water and snow from sticking to them for several weeks after the treatment.

3.Cover Windshield Wiper Blades

When it’s freezing cold outside, you’ll notice that your windshield wiper blades freeze to the glass, making it impossible to clear the windshield. Without being able to see out the front of the car, you put yourself and other drivers at risk. But waiting for them to defrost also takes time, something you may not have when you’re trying to make it to work. Save time by covering your wiper blades with a pair of socks each night to keep them from freezing to the windshield.

4.Park Facing East

When the sun rises in the morning in the east, you can take advantage of the natural defroster by parking your car facing that direction. If you don’t end up leaving too early, you’ll ideally arrive at your car to find that it’s not as frozen as it would be if parked the opposite direction.

5.Stay Away from Deep Snowbanks

If possible, try to avoid driving through deep patches of snow or slush, since these tend to expose the undercarriage to more salt. If you have to go through one to get somewhere, take your car for a wash as soon as possible to remove the grime.

Winter driving doesn’t have to wreak havoc on your ride. Adding a few extra steps to your car care to-do list helps protect the exterior of your vehicle throughout the colder months.

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